Thursday, March 3, 2011

Said the Spider to the Fly by Miss Mae

You can purchase Said the Spider to the Fly HERE

What a fun and mysterious read Said the Spider to the Fly was. This was such a compelling read because I honestly did not know who the killer could be. At one point, I found myself suspecting everyone. Early on, two possibilities were presented of whom it could be but then a twist was thrown in and I was back to square one. I love it when that happens. This book opened with an action scene and it maintained a fast pace throughout the book. And just a hint, when you think you figured it out, you really didn't. I was literally gasping at the dramatic ending. Fabulous!

One thing I found intriguing was the growing romance between Mona and Preston. The attraction was always there yet it seemed a romance was just out of reach. Miss Mae sure knows how to write a romance that the reader can really get into. The added boyfriend from the past made this a sensational read. I just wanted him to go away but he always came back. And then the special abilities that Mona possessed really set this book on fire. I found myself drawn to what she was capable of. The secondary characters were quirky in their own ways and each gained something by Jerome's death, which left me wondering just who could it be? The addition of Keith's character was a brilliant move as he brought a feeling of unconditional love to the story.

I enjoy reading books by Miss Mae and it seems as though each new book I read gets a little bit stronger than the one before. She is certainly an author that I have on my "automatic read" list. If you are looking for a good clean romance/mystery then you honestly need to read Said the Spider to the Fly. It will keep you on the edge of your set and get the wheels turning in your head as to what direction the book will go in. Brilliantly written Miss Mae, my congratulations to you on another well written mystery.