Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I'm the type of woman where my man can go on the same diet as myself and he will be a skinny minnie the next day while I'm still trying to lose weight. I've used a lot of supplements to try to lose the added extra pounds.  One supplement I keep coming back to is Garcinia.  It really does work but I feel like I have reached that plateau.  I did seem to lose an extra five pounds by using the combination of Garcinia and Green Coffee.  After taking this for 25 days, I feel like I can digest food better, feel fuller faster and I just have more energy in general. I do admit that I've fallen into a rut and I need to exercise more often. This product does work.  If at first you don't see a change, stick with it.  Not everyone is made the same.  Some people take longer than others.  But either way, give it time.  You WILL see a difference in how you look and feel. And make sure to drink your water.

There are 120 capsules which is a 40 day supply.  It's unusual for me to find one that has 40 days instead of 20.  I feel like I am getting a better deal when it is a 40 day supply. This product is made in the USA and is FDA approved.  It is important to take 1 dose three times a day. You'll find that you don't have the huge cravings you used to.  

If you would like to purchase this Garcinia Green Coffee by GloryFeel, click here.
I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

SM-165 Finger Pulse Oximeter by Gurin

Before I go into how this oximeter performed, let me tell you a little bit about what an oximeter is and what the numbers mean.  I feel like it's important for me to write about that because I didn't know what they were or that you could purchase them for in home use.  I know that every time I go to the doctor, I place my finger in it and it tells them the reading.  So here we go. An Oximeter is a device that is used to indirectly measure the amount of oxygen in the blood. The Sp02 is written as a percentage that should be between 90%-100%. Normal levels are usually 96-100 where levels under 90 are indicative of respiratory failure.

This oximeter is totally worth it.  It's well made, durable (I know because I dropped it) and has been very accurate.  I got the SM-150 for my mother in law and I got this SM-165 for my family to see the differences were in the products. In my opinion, they are both very good.  The only thing different to me was the display.  This oximeter measures quickly and accurately the pulse rate and the Sp02.  It has a very bright LED display that shows real time pulse rate, pulse rate bar graph and Sp02 level and battery level. The thing I love the most is that you can view the display in any angle because of it's rotatable multi directional display. It's very comfortable and light.  My fingers seem to fit in the SM-165 better than the 150.  It also has an automatic 8 second shut off,

By purchasing this Oximeter on Amazon, you are getting an outstanding deal.  What is normally $220.00, you only have to pay $29.95. It's important to note that this particular Oximeter is FDA approved. If for any reason you don't like this oximeter, you can return it for a full refund.

If you would like to purchase the SM-165 Finger Pulse Oximeter by Gurin, click here.
I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

SM-150 Finger Pulse Oximeter by Gurin


I requested to review this particular Finger Pulse Oximeter because I worry about my mother in law's health.  I want to make sure she has a device that I know she can count on. When I opened the package, I noticed that it was very well made. It has a bright LED display that shows real time Pulse Rate, Pulse Rate Bar and Sp02 level.  It automatically shuts off and it has only one button that she has to push so there is no confusion. This product is FDA approved and it comes with a one year warranty. If you aren't satisfied with this product, return it for a full refund.

I loved the box it came in.  It came with the Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, a Neck/Wrist Cord, a Case, a User Manual and 2-AAA Batteries. This would make a wonderful gift for a special occasion such as a birthday or it would make an excellent Christmas gift. One thing to keep in mind performance wise, is each person is different.  Some people get accurate readings no matter what  finger they use. No matter how small your finger is, this particular Oximeter is self adjusting to your finger.  With me, I could only take it with consistent readings with my first finger.  With my mother in law, she gets good readings no matter which finger she uses.

I love that I have piece of mind with this quality Oximeter.  I know that my mother in law can operate it without question.  I think you'll really like the SM-150 Finger Pulse Oximeter.  Everyone I've spoken with who has tried it, loves it!

If you would like to purchase the SM-150 Finger Pulse Oximeter by SantaMedical, click here.
I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spiral Slicer by All Time Finest

Never in my life have I ever used a spiral slicer, so I wasn't even sure what to expect.  We are trying to eat more healthy so when it said I could slice up my own veggies to look like spaghetti noodles, I knew this was the direction I wanted to go, healthwise for my family. When I first received this spiral slicer, I was more than just a little impressed.  My first thought was that this would make an exceptional Christmas or birthday present.  It was in a very classy and elegant packaging.  When I opened the box, I was surprised to find that it was heavier than I expected.  I didn't expect it to be made of any type of metal, yet it was.  You can tell that it is going to go the distance and will last longer than a plastic one might.

There are two different blades on it.  Think Spaghetti noodles one way and Fettuccini noodles the other. Instead of using a pasta, you are using carrots or zucchini.  Really any kind of vegetable you can think of. I really love this spiral slicer and I know you will too.  Please, when you have children helping you make dinner, I don't recommend you handing this slicer over and saying "here, have fun." It is a slicer after all which means that it does have sharp edges on it.  Cooking healthy meals together as a family is a fun thing to do so maybe have them place the carrots or zucchini in the bowl after they've been sliced.

If you would like to purchase this Spiral Slicer by All Time Finest, click here.
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Supernova 300 Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern by Intervine Technologies

When I first received this product, I thought "Ummm, that is smaller than I expected."  Well, yes, it was smaller than I expected, BUT the light it threw blew my mind.  I never expected so much light to come from a smaller lantern than I expected.  It's not as small as I'm making it sound, and in fact was just the size my husband expected. He said this was the perfect size for camping, especially in our pop up trailer.  He liked it so much that he said we will definitely be buying a few more. 

Not only is it good for camping, but it's perfect for emergency preparedness as well. This lantern is surprisingly bright. I guess it's normal for these lanterns to be small, so when ordering online, look at the dimensions not just the picture because you may not be getting what you are wanting.  A friend of mine was surprised at how bright the Supernova was.  It takes 3D batteries, weighs 14.6 ounces (without the batteries) and measures 3.2 x 3.2 x 7.2. The average battery life for this lantern is 144 hours. So when looking online for a camping/emergency lantern, consider this awesome little guy. It comes with a 5 year manufacturers warranty so you can buy with confidence.

If you would like to purchase the Supernova 300 Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern by Intervine Technologies, click here.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case by Garrco

I fell in love with this Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case when it came.  It is made up of very durable materials. It's very light at 2.4 ounces, so there isn't any significant weight added to the phone. The texture on the back of the phone makes sure that there is grip on the phone so it doesn't slide off a very slick surface.  I love the bumper around the phone because even though it was a silicone type material, my phone can fall face first on the ground and it hits the bumper first.  My screen will never get cracked.  It also has a stand on the back to ensure that you can take steady pictures or video.

I like the way my phone fits in the case.  The camera lines up perfectly where on other phone cases, it's just a little bit off. And the best part, this is the only Samsung Galaxy Note 4 case that is backed by a lifetime, no hassle replacement guarantee.  Now you can't beat that.  If I ever need another case for my Note 4, I'm totally going with a Garrco case.

If you would like to purchase this Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case by Garrco, click here.
I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Probiotic Chocolate Chewable by Sorvita

Ever since I had Shingles two years ago, I've been doing everything in my power to build up my immune system.  This is why I chose to review the Probiotic Chewables.  I let everyone in my house try one.  I love the taste of the chewable but my step son did not.  Taste is subjective I suppose but as for me, I know this product works very well.

Along with the Shingles, I found myself at a GI specialist for the first time in my life. He advised me to take Probiotics and that it would ease my digestive issues.  I thought right, anything that is a supplement won't help me like that but to my surprise, it really did.  I no longer have stomach upset and I know that I am doing something very good for my body.

I like that this product is sugar free as my other step son is diabetic.  Something like this is very good to keep your immune system in good health as well as not harming your body.  Do yourself a favor and try this product.  It's made in America so you're helping the American economy. It is registered with the FDA and it comes with a no hassle, money back guarantee. In my opinion, this is an outstanding product.

If you would like to buy this Probiotic Chewable in natural Chocolate Flavor by Sorvita, click here.
I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Microfiber Mop Pads by Turkey Creek Essentials

I've had a really hard time finding these microfiber mop pads, so when Tomoson had them for review, I knew I had to review them. I like that Turkey Creek Essentials has made mop pads that are reusable for mops that have been around for years. I never thought I would find them again. Don't throw your money away on disposable mop pads when you can clean your hardwood floors with microfiber pads that really get your floors clean.

The pack comes with two pads so you can use one for wet cleaning and one for dry cleaning. They are easy to clean in that you can just throw them in the washer and then velcro them to your mop again. They fit a lot of different types of mops.  They are 18" so they are huge.

If you would like to purchase these Microfiber Mop Pads by Turkey Creek Essentials, click here.
I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cotton Guitar Strap by StrapSnake

When playing guitar, it's really important to get a thick guitar strap so it doesn't slip or slide off your shoulders. This particular strap is compatible with both electric and acoustic guitars. It's a very durable strap that goes the distance. It is made of very high quality material so you know you've purchased a guitar strap that will last a long time.  In my opinion, this is one of the best.  I ended up giving this to my son in law because he plays his acoustic guitar all the time.  I'll be buying another one to give to my husband when I present him with his own guitar.

If you purchase this guitar strap, you can purchase with piece of mind. If you are not satisfied with your order, you can get a money back guarantee.

If you would like to purchase this Cotton Guitar Strap by StrapSnake, click here. I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Bully Sticks for dogs by Best for My Pets ***

When it comes to my dogs, I try to buy them with as many healthy ingredients that I can find. I have one older dog that has digestive problems and three other dogs that get an upset stomach from time to time. When I saw the Bully Sticky by Best for my Pets, I immediately researched what was in them. I loved the description so I requested to review them. My dogs absolutely loved them! Like I said, I have 4 dogs.  Two are small and two are large dogs.  When they get their treats, they usually keep eating them until they're gone.  I was surprised when they gave up for a while and then came back for them.  The oldest dog has a hard time chewing but she loved them.  She finally ended up eating it all.  The little dogs took the bully stick in their cages so no one could take them from them. I gave it to them when I had to leave the house because all four dogs get very anxious. When I came back home, they were all sleeping. :)

Another reason I chose to review these bully sticks was because of the description on Amazon. It talks about chewing gives your dogs a way of calming down.  It keeps your dogs teeth clean and strong.  These bully sticks are long lasting and helps with your dogs health. The bBully Sticks are also all natural 100% pure beef.  They have no chemical, preservatives or additives.  They are made of dried muscle, are gluten and grain free. They are 100% digestible which is something that my dogs really do need since three of the four of my dogs have digestion problems.  They are hard like a bone and are very difficult to break. I know this for a fact because I tried cutting them in half so it would be a smaller piece.  Yeah, that never happened. The Bully sticks are also low in fat and are a good source of protein. When you compare the value and healthy benefits that are associated with these particular Bully sticks, there is nothing out there with a better value for the price.
Best for My Pets has an incredible money back guarantee.  They go beyond Amazon's 30 day return policy.  If for any reason your dogs aren't happy with the bully sticks, you can ask for a full refund, no questions asked.  So what are you waiting for?  You'll love the bully sticks and so will your dogs.
I've included pictures of all four of my dogs with the bully sticks.  The little gray dog took all day to get the bully stick so small.


If you would like to check out more products by Best for my Pets, click here.
I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Vitamin C Face Serum by Shebah Naturals

Here is a little bit about the product.  It has clinical strength organic Vitamin C.  The vitamin C serum doesn't clog your pores and has up to eight antioxidants to nourish your skin leaving it soft and smooth.  It has organic ingredients like jojoba oil, aloe, witch hazel, vegan Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer as well as vitamin C and E plus Amino acids which help to hydrate and plump skin cells. It helps reduce the appearance of existing fine-lines, wrinkles, acne scars, sun spots as well as preventing future skin damage. The moisturizer is designed to help increase the production of collagen to rejuvenate and nourish firmer healthier skin. Shebah Naturals also says it will brighten your skin on the first application while helping it look healthy and vibrant.

Now for my findings.  Shebah Naturals didn't lie when they said it would brighten my skin on the first application.  I really does work.  The first time I washed my face then applied the Vitamin C serum.  I did not apply makeup until the third application. Without makeup, my face started to look younger, more nourished and I got a lot of compliments on it.  Any blemishes I had were gone. The texture of my skin was smooth and it did look vibrant. Now when I applied makeup to my skin on the third application, I loved the way my makeup looked.  It didn't wear off like it usually did.  I don't know how it worked out that way, but it did.  It was almost as though I had a primer on. It kept my skin moisturized all day long.  The thing I love about this serum other than the results is that it is made in the USA and is FDA approved.  It is also a cruelty free product.  It is also important to not that it free from fillers like alcohol, gluten and GMO.  This product is great for men and women alike.  Give it a shot, I know you're going to love it!

If you would like to purchase Shebah's Vitamin C Face Serum, click here. Right now they are promoting a DEEP discount, so if you're thinking about purchasing this serum, now is the time to do so.  Shebah Naturals has a 30 day 100% money back guarantee so you can purchase with peace of mind knowing that you have that added piece of insurance.

I was not compensated in any way other than receiving the product free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Age Defense Neck Cream by Body Merry

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Body Merry products are one of my go to brands for anything anti aging related.  In my book, it's right up there with Dr. Oz products. When I first received the cream, I was impressed with the size of the bottle.  I thought since it was only for your neck, it might be a smaller bottle but it is a 1.7 oz bottle.  The texture is amazing.  It's not too thin but not too thick either and absorbs into your skin very well.  I used this neck cream under a moisturizer.  That combined with drinking water often, really made my skin glow and I noticed that the fine lines on my neck started to disappear.  My skin feels tighter and I started noticing a difference after a few days. This is a product that really works.  I've been using it for approximately a month and I can't wait to see what happens after two months worth of use.  I only used one pump per application so I have a good amount of this lotion left.

I like the ingredients that are in this Age Defense Neck Cream.  It is made up of Plant Derived Hyaluronic Acid (which is huge by the way). Propolis, Royal Jelly, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Green Tea, Avocado Oil, Licorice, Lemongrass and Rosehip Oil. It has no harsh chemicals or fragrances and is made in the USA. As with all of Body Merry's products, if for any reason you don't like the product, you can return it for a full 100% refund. Body Merry has outstanding customer service and they stand behind their products.  They want you to be satisfied with your purchase.  I love this company for their products as well as their business practice.  They have the best interests of the customer at heart.

If you would like to purchase the Age Defense Neck Cream by Body Merry, click here.
I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  I was not compensated in any way other than the product itself.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Luxe Beauty Microfiber Hair Towel by Beauty by Shea

I was asked to give my opinion on this super soft microfiber hair towel and I have to say, I LOVE IT! Being someone who has had long hair most of my life, it's always hard to find a towel that is long enough but not so heavy that it gives me a headache.  This hair towel measures 19" x 39" and is made up of plush microfiber material.  The microfiber material helps your hair to dry faster than an ordinary towel will. It is extremely absorbent and once you use this microfiber towel, you will not go back to regular towels. When using this towel, it was so soft and plush that it reminded me of the soft towels you get when you are at a day spa.  This towel would be perfect to throw into a gym bag.  I hate when I go to the gym and it takes forever to dry my hair.  With the microfiber towel, you can get out of the gym in a relatively short amount of time.  I loved this towel and I know you will too.

If you would like to purchase the Luxe Beauty Microfiber hair towel, click here.
I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Digital Precision Kitchen Scale by Fraser

Fraser has made an outstanding kitchen scale that I have now gotten dependant on.  I've never had a digital kitchen scale, so there was a lot to learn about the functions of this particular digital scale.  For instance with the tare option, you can put a can on the scale and it will zero out so that anything you add to the can will be the only things that are weighed.  I sure hope I explained that right.  The scale is made from tempered glass, so it won't crack and is very durable.  It has a sleek design and the black also makes it very professional looking.  It's such a great addition to your kitchen.  The scale will weigh everything from zero ounces to eleven pounds.  The scale is touch sensitive and I was impressed to find out that it even worked with food service gloves on.  I don't know very many scales that still work with food service gloves on.

If you have limited room on your counter, this is the scale for you. It takes up little space when stored. It can be stored standing up or in a drawer somewhere. I didn't know how this scale had to do with coffee.  As I got to reading more about the scale, I found out it means the following.  You can weigh the coffee so you can get the perfect ratio of coffee to water.  You will have the perfect cup of every single morning. When you order your scale, it will come with a lithium battery. If you leave the scale on, it will automatically turn off after one minute so that your battery will last a long time. You're going to love this little scale.  I know I do.

If you would like to purchase this Digital Precision Kitchen Scale, click here. 
I received this product for free or discounted in exchange for my honest opinion.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Oven Mitt Set by SunCam

I got these oven mitts with my daughter's in mind.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  These oven mitts are of high quality and were silver white and red.  They felt very comfortable on my hands which made me really glad that I requested to try them out.  They've since been washed and the colors didn't run. They are very well made if you use them silver side down when taking something out of the oven, you will get added protection.  You won't get burned.  Not once when I took something out of the oven, did I ever get burned.  

My daughters were both moving in together so I bought them a toaster.  Little did I know that I had what seemed the perfect compliment to these oven mitts. Here is the picture of the toaster.
The toaster and the oven mitts were perfect together. They are 100% flame retardant cotton so they can even be used outside on the grill. They are very versatile  which I love.  The silver coating on the oven mitts comes with a 3 month warranty, so you know you have some insurance.  I love these mitts and know you will too.

If you would like to purchase a pair of these oven mitts, click here.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Washguard Lingerie Bags by IX Better Home

I used to use the kinds of laundry bags you would find at Walmart.  You know the ones, they had bigger holes in it, without the elastic to cover the zipper and they came in just basic white.  Then came the Washguard Lingerie Bags.  They have a fine mesh so that only the dirt gets out and your clothes are protected inside.  They have elastic over the zipper so that the zipper doesn't come undone while in the washer.  I think this laundry bag is the most feminine I've seen yet.  I love the pink zipper.  I can put quite a bit in the bag as it is a 16X20 bag, which generally fits 7-10 underwear or 4 bras.  I love this bag and will buy some for friends as gifts!

IX Better Home will give one of my readers a their own Washguard Lingerie bag.  So comment on this post and on 3/31/15 I will pick a winner.

If you would like to purchase the Washguard Lingerie Bags by IX Better Home, click here.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.