Monday, March 23, 2015

Digital Precision Kitchen Scale by Fraser

Fraser has made an outstanding kitchen scale that I have now gotten dependant on.  I've never had a digital kitchen scale, so there was a lot to learn about the functions of this particular digital scale.  For instance with the tare option, you can put a can on the scale and it will zero out so that anything you add to the can will be the only things that are weighed.  I sure hope I explained that right.  The scale is made from tempered glass, so it won't crack and is very durable.  It has a sleek design and the black also makes it very professional looking.  It's such a great addition to your kitchen.  The scale will weigh everything from zero ounces to eleven pounds.  The scale is touch sensitive and I was impressed to find out that it even worked with food service gloves on.  I don't know very many scales that still work with food service gloves on.

If you have limited room on your counter, this is the scale for you. It takes up little space when stored. It can be stored standing up or in a drawer somewhere. I didn't know how this scale had to do with coffee.  As I got to reading more about the scale, I found out it means the following.  You can weigh the coffee so you can get the perfect ratio of coffee to water.  You will have the perfect cup of every single morning. When you order your scale, it will come with a lithium battery. If you leave the scale on, it will automatically turn off after one minute so that your battery will last a long time. You're going to love this little scale.  I know I do.

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I received this product for free or discounted in exchange for my honest opinion.