Sunday, March 1, 2015

Holiday Firsts Baby Month Stickers by icustomlabel

 I have two grandbabies that were born in 2014.  They are soon to be one year old.  What a better way to spend my time than creating a scrapbook with all of their firsts?  I was lucky enough to get stickers for babies holiday firsts.  In the package, you get the following:

First Christmas
First Halloween
First Valentine's Day
First Thanksgiving
First Groundhog's Day
First New Years
First Birthday
First Fourth of July
First Mother's Day
First Father's Day
First St. Patricks Day
First Easter

Let's face it, when babies are first born, we all tend to take pictures, pictures and more pictures.  The one thing you need besides pictures of your little bundle of joy are these Holiday firsts stickers.  They are meant to be put on the onesie (or some other creative way) to mark which first holiday it is.

Each sticker is 4" in diameter, which is the perfect size to attach to the onesie.  The stickers are super cute. Each sticker can be customized.  They have more stickers than just the ones shown and if your are pregnant, you need to know they also have pregnancy stickers.  

The cost of these stickers is $10 for the 12 stickers. If you order $50 worth of merchandise, you will receive free shipping.  Stumped on what to buy?  They have so many super cute items for sale.  From gift tags to candles and cake toppers, I know you will have fun choosing something to buy.

If you would like to purchase the set of Holiday Firsts Baby Month Stickers, please click here.

Check out all their cool stuff here. Have fun making your super cute merchandise.  I received these lables in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinions.