Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Violets for Vanessa by Dianne Miley

Struggling to be free of her abusive father, Vanessa Gallagher cannot resist handsome contractor Chad James. Although she fears being controlled by another man, his kind encouragement comforts her and his kisses leave her wanting more. When Mr. Gallagher meets his doom at the bottom of a cliff, police suspect Vanessa’s mother. Will Chad help absolve her? Who will uncover the truth in an unexpected turn of events? And will Vanessa ever choose love over independence?  

Without a doubt, Violets for Vanessa is an exceptional and inspirational read that I simply could not put down. This sweet romance pairs up Vanessa, a woman who feels like she can never trust a man again with Chad, a man who is determined to show Vanessa that not every man is like her father. Vanessa's character is a strong willed woman who struggles for her independence. She questions why God hasn't been there for her when she truly needed him. Chad's character is a strong man of God and is deeply rooted in his faith. The chemistry between Vanessa and Chad was off the charts and I was impressed at how Chad held himself together. Sometimes it's very difficult to stand by your convictions but because Chad loved Vanessa, he was determined to do things the right way. Ms. Miley shows us that although a person may be a Christian, it does not mean that they don't face every day problems with emotions such as anger, hopelessness, doubt and temptation. Because of this, I felt as though I bonded more with these well rounded characters.

Ms. Miley has portrayed very real characters and not shied away from controversial topics. Sexual abuse is a continuing problem in our society and through Vanessa, Ms. Miley is able to show that although it "seems" as though God was not there, he's been there all along. Darla's character dealt with domestic abuse and her reaction after Clyde is found dead was disturbing and very realistic.

Violets for Vanessa is the perfect read for anyone who is a fan of sweet romance. It has good guys, bad guys, gossips, God and an outstanding plot line. A fast paced read, this book is about lessons learned, struggling through the hard times and finding a relationship with God, all the while the story is not "too preachy". I enjoyed this book from the first page to the very last and had a hard time putting it down. I hated to see this story end. Thank goodness this book is part of the Crystal Falls series. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a series nut. The first book in the series is Lilacs for Laura, the second is Roses for Rachel and the third is Violets for Vanessa. Although each story can be read on it's own, I know you will want to read the entire Crystal Falls series. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Miley's work. A talented writer, Ms. Miley is now one of my favorites.

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