Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 3: Interview with Dianne Miley

Two days down and two to go. I'm loving being able to spend the time with this series because it has a special place in my heart. Today we are concentrating on Violets for Vanessa. Although I love all the books, this one is my favorite. I don't know if it's because I started the books all out of order and read Vanessa's story first, if it's because Violets were my grandmothers favorite flower or because Dianne held a contest for this particular book and this is the one I won. What a great contest that was. We had to guess what Toby Keith song would go along with the book. I took me forever to guess that one. lol. OK, on to the interview.

Val: If you had the chance and could meet one of the hero's from your books who would it be and why?

Dianne: That’s tough because I love them all, but I do have a soft spot for Chad because he makes me laugh – and his personality is modeled after my son.

Val: Hey peeps, guess who is in Violets for Vanessa? Oh yes, the oh so yummy Chad.

Val: Myrtle, the gossiping old cranky woman, is a character that intrigues me.  I can't wait until she gets what's coming to her.  Is there a reason why karma hasn't kicked her in the butt yet?

Dianne: In Violets for Vanessa, Myrtle learns a difficult lesson. Her manipulating ways bite her in the butt, although maybe not as hard as we’d like! Her self-inflicted misery and loneliness made her a bitter old woman, but as last she learns her lesson. In Sunflowers for Sarita, we will find that Myrtle really has turned over a new leaf. Both God and the town have mercy on her, just as God forgives us when we turn from our sins and trust in Him.

Val: Wow, you were very nice to Myrtle. That's one character I would have had a lot more fun with. lol

Struggling to be free of her abusive father, Vanessa Gallagher cannot resist handsome contractor Chad James. Although she fears being controlled by another man, his kind encouragement comforts her and his kisses leave her wanting more. When Mr. Gallagher meets his doom at the bottom of a cliff, police suspect Vanessa’s mother. Will Chad help absolve her? Who will uncover the truth in an unexpected turn of events? And will Vanessa ever choose love over independence?

Dianne, thanks for taking the time out to hang out with me again. OK, readers, here is your chance to win a copy of Violets for Vanessa. Just follow through GFC and leave a comment or question for Dianne and you're entered. Don't forget to tell your friends! Here is the link to Dianne's site where you can catch up on all the books in the series and get a little inside information on what's to come.