Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum Forte & Vitamin C by 180 Cosmetics

I am forever looking for the new miracle cure for the wrinkles on my face. Yes, I know that there is no miracle cure but something has to help. I've tried many many anti-aging products and I really pay attention when the company puts my age range on the packaging. My skin isn't bad but it is extremely dry. I don't have sensitive skin yet, but for sure I'm finding that some products are causing me to break out. Products that I've used often over the past few years.

I do like this product by 180 Cosmetics. There were a few drawbacks though. The bottle was super tiny. I expected by looking at the packaging that it might be bigger but most of the packaging was to assure that the bottle did not slip out of the box. As far as packaging, I have to give 180 Cosmetics an A+ on that. The packaging protects the bottle 100% and it won't arrive to you broken. But since there was so much packaging, it means the bottle has to be smaller. The bottle was beautiful and it has a smoky look to it, it's very high class looking. But again, I was disappointed at how small it was. 

Now for the results I achieved. Since my face is so dry, I had to use a dropperful on my face where others have only had to use a drop. I live in the Vegas heat, so there isn't much I can do to help the dryness of my face, which is why I turn to face products. The liquid was a thicker consistency, which I loved.  I didn't like how much I had to use because it only lasted me about two weeks using it day and night. But it went on my face very smooth and absorbed immediately. It helped the bags under my eyes from lack of sleep within the first day. I don't usually wear makeup so I surprise myself when I've been using a product for a while and then see the results when I put base makeup on. The results I saw make this product a product that I have to have. My base makeup looked flawless! I got better coverage and I just had glowing skin. 

All in all, this is a product that I will buy again until I find a product that works better. It's going to get expensive though, especially in the summer with the hot weather. My skin just soaks it up and I go through the bottle very quickly. It really does seem to work with my skin type though. 

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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