Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Thin Cushioning Leather Insoles by Shoeslulu

My guy is so incredibly hard on shoes that it's not even funny. He walks long distances for work while carting around a ton of tools. At the end of the day, his feel hurt like crazy. He has a knee issue as well and has had knee surgery in the past. I've bought I don't know how many different kinds of insoles and when I saw these, I thought I would have him give them a try. He did and he really liked them. He changed back from his boots to tennis shoes while wearing these insoles and his knees and back feel a lot better now.

I told you he was hard on his shoes and that's not a lie. He's had these in for 30 days and he's already wearing them down. This is no reflection on the company, in fact these insoles have lasted longer than any other he has had so far. He says they feel very cushiony. They seem to absorb a good deal of shock that he puts on them and his shoes don't smell bad anymore. He also said that his feet actually feel energized when he gets home from work. They don't hurt which is something that used to happen every night he came home from work.

They are super light at .3 ounces and they form to your foot very well. They aren't hard and stiff like silicone insoles are. If you are having issues with your feet, knees or hips, you have to give these insoles a try. If they help my guy, I know they will help you. 

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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