Monday, June 29, 2015

Triple Strength Fish Oil by Dr. C's Own

Anybody who follows my blog knows that I am prescribed user of fish oil and use it on a daily basis. Due to hereditary, I have high cholesterol. This will never be cured by food and I will forever have to take medicine. Only about a year ago was I prescribed fish oil to help control my triglycerides. I saw a drastic drop in my levels the first month of me taking them. We also use them for our dogs. We have an elderly dog and fish oil helps her to get around better. The rest of the dogs (we have 4 altogether) take them for their cardiovascular system, their brain function as well as shiny coats. They love fish oil. There is a difference between my dogs and my family though. If you hand one of my dogs the lemon flavored ones, they won't turn it away but if you hand them one that has that nasty fishy taste, they're all over it. Whereas, if you hand me a fish oil that tastes like fish, I'm not taking it. I cannot stand the fishy burps that come from it. So I saved Doctor C's Own for me. I don't eat fish on a regular basis, so it's the only way I get my Omega.

Another reason why I'm prescribed fish oil is because of the Vitamin D3. I have osteoporosis that resulted from a hysterectomy. I didn't take the hormone replacement therapy because I was worried of getting Cancer since it runs so heavily in my family. The Vitamin D3 in the Fish Oil helps to keep my bones as strong as they can possibly be. I've also noticed while taking Dr. C's Own Triple Strength Fish oil, it has helped my mental state of mind. I'm not so down all the time. I'm in a good mood and can definitely tell when I do take the supplements. There is so much to gain from this fish oil. It's also made in the USA and comes with a money back guarantee if you aren't totally won over by this supplement. You really should try it, you will notice a difference in how you body feels and reacts to every day stresses.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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