Monday, May 3, 2010

Lasting Love by Sharon Donovan

"When Vermont florist Abbey Jordan’s nursery manager quits a few days before Easter, she is left up the proverbial creek without a paddle. However, when she places it in God’s hands, she finds lasting love in a garden of roses. Brady Jones has a daughter to raise, is out of work, and knows a lot about cultivating roses. When Abbey meets him and hires him as the Horticultural Manager of her nursery, it seems like the answer to both of their prayers. Just on the brink of a budding romance, a fire destroys the nursery and buries all hope of love. Will their passion spark and resurrect or stay unlit beneath the burning bed of ashes?"

I loved the character of Abbey Jordan. She was a caring woman who had to endure a lot and was so taken when she met Kayla, Brady's daughter. She was caring and warm hearted and found that she needed to rely on God more often. Brady's character had me at hello! He was a gorgeous man inside and out. He loved his daughter fiercely and tried to do everything in his power to take care of her. Abbey and Brady's characters brought such a sweetness to the story that I just couldn't help but fall in love with them as a couple. They way they dealt with adversity in their lives touched my heart and reminded me that forgiveness is everything.

I enjoy reading Sharon Donavan's work and Lasting Love was no exception. It was very well written with vivid descriptions that made me feel like I was actually there with the characters smelling the flowers right beside them. Ms. Donavan paints a beautiful portrait with words. I feel like this book is entertaining but it brings with it a lesson of forgiveness and love that I really needed to hear at this moment in my life. God is everywhere if we just take a moment to look. I give Lasting Love a You Need to Read rating because I really do feel that you would be missing out of something very special if you pass this book up.

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