Monday, May 3, 2010

Rockstar by Mina Carter

Zette Matthews was not your typical rockstar. All she wanted to do was sing, the fast life was something that held no intrigue for her. She wanted to make a difference with her life so when she gets the opportunity to host a charity concert and finds out that the concert location may be unavailable, she is ready to do whatever it takes to secure the location. Enter our hero JJ, the CEO of JI. He goes by the name Mr. Anders so Zette doesn't put two and two together. When JJ, introduces himself, Zette is stunned. Before her stands the man who broke her heart and spirit when she was only 18. This was the one man she compared all other men in her life to. JJ has only one plan in mind, the question is, can he pull it off?

I found the characters of Zette and JJ to be solid, believable, and dynamic. When they were together, they were electric, when they were apart, their worlds were fragmented. Zette was a beautiful woman who had built walls around her heart and that part of her I could relate to very well. JJ was a man very headstrong man who wanted one thing and would not rest until he attained it. The depths they fell for love were amazing and the Zette and JJ kept me wanting more. Without a doubt they were very well written.

Rockstar was simply an phenomenal read. I lost myself in the characters and the plot line. Mina Carter has found a loyal reader from this moment on. I encourage all those looking for a fun, exciting short read to pick up this book. YOU NEED TO READ Rockstar, it is written with the reader in mind and you will not be disappointed in your purchase of this book.

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