Monday, May 3, 2010

Wired For Love by Amber Polo

"Wired for Love — Penny was a woman who had achieved a great deal but her personal life suffered the most. When her Godiva chocolate order doesn't end up being the Fed Ex man, Penny is shocked to learn what she does find."

Wired for Love was a quick fun read with quirky characters. You can call the characters geeky if you want to but I found them both downright sexy. The chemistry between Penny and Gordon was lighthearted and funny. The little slip ups with Gordon's character made this a laugh out loud read because it was so believable. A situation that could have been extremely serious turns into a hilarious relationship between two zany characters. Wired for Love was an engaging story that I hated to see end. I would like to beg Amber Polo, make it longer, PLEASE, I have to read more about the couple and what happens next.

Wired for Love can be purchased here