Sunday, February 22, 2015

4 in 1 Stylus Pen by Minzos

The 4 in 1  TurboPen is one of my favorite products for my electronic devices.  I use it almost exclusively with my iPad.  This little pen is so much more than just a stylus.  It is also a ballpoint pen, it has an LED light and it has a presentation pointer on it.  For the professional, you can use the presentation for your work.  If you are a homemaker, the pointer becomes an awesome laser to play with your dogs.  I waited until the last minute to do this review because I wanted to see if it might wear down over time.  It is just as new today as when I first got it.  Sometimes the little squishy end on the stylus wears out with extended use.  The end of some stylus are very springy where others, usually those made up of quality materials, are firm and are long lasting.  This particular stylus is of the long lasting variety.  You can tell it is made very well and is made to last.  I'm usually up at all times of the night, and the white LED light is helpful in finding my way in the dark.  It's actually very bright.  A lot brighter than I thought it would be.  I have used the ball point pen a couple times and it writes very smooth.  I don't know how long it would take before it ran out of ink but it looks as though the pen would also last quite a while.

The stylus feels just the right amount of heavy.  It is a lightweight stylus/pen but you can tell it is a quality product.  The pen clip holds on very tight to whatever you attach it to.  You can be assured in knowing you won't lose it anywhere. I had no problems whatsoever with this product and would definitely buy again.  I love my pen and have recommended it to many people since I first started reviewing it. This would make a great gift for both the work professional as well as anyone who stays at home or even a student. The pen also comes with a one year immediate warranty.  You can't beat that.

If you would like to purchase the Minzos TurboPen, click here.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.