Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Francis et Mimi 3.4A Apple Certified Rapid Charger sold by Lucy's Storage Place

This 3.4A Apple Certified Rapid Charger is small but man does it pack a punch!  It's lightening fast and works fast for my iPad as well as the iPhone.  Usually when I try to buy a charger for my iPad, even though it says it's iPad compatible, it just doesn't charge fast at all.  Actually, if it's not exclusively for iPad, it usually charges at a crawl.  The mHz is higher for the iPad than an iPod or iPhone.  This little charger charged it very quickly.  Another thing I loved about this particular charger was it has a longer cord than a regular charger has which comes in handy on long trips and my husband is driving.  It is a solid charger that is very well made and I believe it will last quite a while.  I love this charger so much that when it wears out, as does anything when used repeatedly, I will definitely be buying another one.  If you would like to purchase this jammin little charger, click here.  If you own one or multiple Apple products, you'll want to get this Apple certified rapid car charger.  It's a wonderful addition to your Apple electronics collection.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.