Friday, February 6, 2015

Organic Matcha Culinary Green Tea Powder sold by Matcha Organics

I have to be honest with you when I say, I had no earthly idea of what to expect from this organic green tea.  My husband is the one who usually drinks green tea.  I don't like going anywhere outside of my comfort zone to try very many new food or drinks.  What drew me to apply to review this product was all of the advantages this company said could come from being a regular user of this green tea.  Besides being organic, it is gluten free, vegan, comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and the buyer would receive a free recipe ebook which included 100 recipes.  How could I go wrong if there were recipes to help me prepare this green tea powder?

Let's start with the ebook that is provided at no cost to you.  There are a lot of recipes that cover every occasion you could think of.  For example, there are recipes for Matcha Croissant with Chocolate, Matcha Lava Cake, Mango Peach Smoothie and Kissme Matcha Green Tea Latte.  Those sound amazing right?  Well, along with these amazing recipes, there is also a description of what exactly Matcha means, a history of Green Tea, and even why you should eat healthy.  The ebook leaves you actually feeling like you learned a lot about Green tea in general.

 In case you are like me and haven't had much experience with green tea, here are some of the benefits of this particular green tea powder.  It is claimed to help with energy, memory and focus.  It is a fat blocker and burner and lowers cholesterol. This powder is healthier than regular brewed green tea and it contains an antioxidant called catechin EGCg that is known to help fight cancer.
I actually only used this to make a hot tea.  I boiled the water, added 2 tablespoons of the green tea powder, added sugar in the raw and milk.  It tasted really very good.  I was pleasantly surprised!  I didn't think I would really like it all that much but it's becoming a new favorite and I'm doing something very healthy for my body, which I really like.  The next thing I would like to try is the Matcha Energy Drink.  It has oranges, orange juice, strawberries, mint,, mint leaves and more juice or water.  It sounds really great and I would love it if that really works.  I will update this post with pictures when I try that recipe.

If you would like to purchase Matcha Organics Green Tea Powder, click here. Matcha has agreed to give my readers a 40% discount code when you purchase this product.  All you have to do is click on the "click here" link in this paragraph.  At check out, in promo code, enter  T9MWGTDB.  And if that still isn't enough, they allowed me to post the link to their free recipe ebook.  So CLICK HERE  to get your recipe book with 100 recipes.  I hope you enjoy this tea as much as I did.

I received this product free of charge in exchange for my unbiased opinion.