Sunday, February 22, 2015

Coconut Colon Cleanse by Island Vibrance

I've never really done a colon cleanse other than what I was medically told to do for a colonoscopy, so I wasn't really sure of what to expect.  The directions said to take two capsules twice a day.  I wasn't sure if I would have cramping so I just took two capsules per day.  I have taken this supplement every other day for a little over a month and I have to say, hands down this is one of my favorite supplements to take.  It was extremely gentle on my body.  I have to take several prescription pills per day as directed by my doctor.  Almost all of the medication I take causes constipation so when I had the opportunity to try the Coconut Colon Cleanse, it was a no brainer.  This has been the one supplement that has worked every single time I've taken it.  There is absolutely no cramping, no diarrhea and no adverse effects.  It removes any bloating I may have due to other medications and I'm left with no blegh feeling in my body.  One thing that I feel is important to note is that I don't feel extremely hungry after I have used the bathroom either.  I just feel healthy.

I am not one to weigh myself but because I have been taking the Coconut Colon Cleanse, I have lost one inch in my waist.  Like I said before, I'm not bloated anymore either.  This is just a safe and very effective supplement that I would recommend to everybody.  I do suggest that if you are going to take any supplement, check with your doctor to see if it is safe.  Every person is different and not every person will have the same results.  If you have to take a lot of medication as I do, this is the perfect supplement for you.  It is very important that with any colon cleanse product that you take, or any product that makes you eliminate waste, it's is ALWAYS important to drink enough water per day.  You need to make sure that you are hydrated.  You don't want to trade one problem for another.  Drinking the water also aids in losing more weight as well.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.