Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Salsa Dance Workout DVD by SalsaCrazy

I thought it would be really neat to learn how to Salsa. The one thing I was worried about, however, is that I have a back injury.  Would I actually be able to do this workout.  The answer was, absolutely!  You can speed it up or slow it down as needed for your level of experience or capability.  I did find out how uncoordinated I am though. Hahaha.  It will just take me some practice and my daughter said she would help me as well.  It's good for a workout as it gets your blood pumping.  I think this particular video is great for beginners like myself.  The extent of exercise for me is physical therapy and walking around the block.  I think if my daughter were to try it, it wouldn't make her work up much of a sweat as she is a jogger and is on the go quite often.

I like how there are mini sessions.  Each one is about 6 minutes and it comes with bonus workouts.  The workouts are low impact, so if you have a hip, knee or back injury, it's still safe to workout to.  If you are looking for a more aerobic workout, you won't really find it in this video.  Maybe consider one of the more advanced DVD's that SalsaCrazy has for sale.  I personally liked this DVD.  It was informative, challenging (for me) and above all, safe for someone with an injury

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