Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Home Decor Wall Art by Ink Print Art

My teenage stepdaughter is just that, a teenager.  And as with most teenagers, she's having a hard time.  When she comes to visit, she puts affirmations everywhere, so I thought she would really like this set. I think teenagers need something pretty to look at with something that's positive on it, every single day. Now I have to be honest. When I first received these, I really wasn't sure I might like them. I never would have put a flower on a black and white striped background. 
But I have to say that putting them in picture frames and on the wall, they work!  They just do. And they look really good too.

They are shipped in a padded envelope so they don't bend. It's printed on a heavier paper and the colors really pop. The flowers are very colorful and actually draw the four images together. I wish I knew if they came in different fonts because seeing them now, I might choose a different font. This is a pretty snazzy set of pictures. One thing I did want to say before I finish this review is that some people think this may be a little more than they are willing to pay for four pictures. I've done a lot of printing and you won't get this quality paper without spending more than you may be willing to.  They're also 8 x 10 so you have to take that into consideration. The pink flowers have a range of different shades and the colors are bold and well, very colorful! :) So all in all, this isn't a bad price for unframed wall art.  I think it is right on the mark.

Bottom line, I think you'll like them. My step daughter really likes them. They would be perfect for a teens room.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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