Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Super Bright Rim Lights by Speed Racer

I never knew that something cool like this existed for a bike. I got this for my teen kid who was all about putting them on his bike. We live in a major metropolitan area, so having something that shows a bit more visibility than normal is a plus in my book. I wasn't sure if, him being a teen, this was something he might like for his bike, but he really did. At night they looked really cool but I did have a few issues. I tried to install them on his bike as a surprise and with instructions that weren't very clear, I ended up leaving them for him to put on. I'm not that mechanically inclined and yes, this isn't very mechanical but it was just difficult enough for me to throw the towel in. I'm sure someone who is used to a product like this, it would be no problem to install them.

Having gone from no lights on his bike while riding at night, to these rim lights, there was more light as far as the safety feature. It might be a different story if it were for a younger child though. My son is a teenager so he knows to keep a look out for cars. If it were a younger child on a bike who is maybe concentrating on riding instead of looking where he is going, I don' think the light would shine bright enough for a driver to see until about ten feet in front of them.

Bottom Line? These are a fun novelty item to trick out a bike but am up in the air about a full on safety feature for a bike. 

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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