Saturday, May 23, 2015

Keurig Refillable Pods with Dolphin Design by Fill n Brew

I am a person who HAS to have her coffee in the morning. I must also have it quickly. At times I may not have time to drink the entire pot so that's why we have our Keurig. It's perfect for our individual tastes and the kids can even have hot chocolate if they prefer. I always buy whole bean coffee and grind it at home to ensure I have the best tasting coffee possible. I was asked to try the dolphin designed Keurig Refillable Pods and I must say that I like them.

They're eco-friendly because they are reusable. You help the environment while also helping out your wallet since they are reusable. No more spending up to $12 for a box of 12 coffee pods. I liked that the lid of the pods had an o-ring. They keep them snug but I do have two that won't close very well. I'm still trying to work with them though so it may be because they're still new. I'll be sure to update on that part at a later date. The steel that you see is a microfiber mesh that leaves very little residue in your coffee. It's much less than other coffee pods I've tried.

I have some family members who absolutely love dolphins AND they have a Keurig. These would be the ideal small gift for them. They're only $10 for a set of three. A great looking product at a great price. 

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. 

If you would like to purchase this set of three dolphin designed Keurig Refillable Pods by Fill n Brew, click here.