Monday, April 6, 2015

Camo Hunter's Cap by Legend Camo Hats

Today I'm reviewing the Camo Hunter's Cap by Legend Camo Hats.  Overall, I liked this cap for it's functionality and looks.  It's a very comfortable hat and the breathable mesh in the back assures you won't sweat very much.  In the event that you do, it has a terry cloth lining in the front that will also serve as a sweatband.  You won't ever get sweat in your eyes. It is a very lightweight hat and should you happen to drop the hat and step on it, it springs right back into shape.  I loved everything about it, except that if you move the terry lining back, it looks as though it wasn't pieced together very well or even cut in a straight line for that matter.  I don't think I could give this hat as a gift but it would make a great product for hunting or fishing season.  Well, any outdoor activity for that matter.  The bill seemed long so you can feel comfortable in knowing that the sun will never get in your eyes.

If you would like to purchase this camo hat, click here.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.