Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Professional 12 Set Makeup Brush Kit by Petunia Skin Care

Out of everything I've had the opportunity to review, this is by far my favorite.  The packaging was fun and would be the perfect gift for any girl.  I actually gave this set to my daughter.  I asked her if she needed one and she said "I don't know, I've never had a brush set." It got me to thinking, now is the time to teach her how to use them.  The brushes come in a gorgeous travel case and the one thing that impressed me (mostly because I didn't even know they existed) were the covers for the brushes themselves.  It was a brush guard that you put over the brushes to keep them from bending in all directions. The set comes with the following:

Complete Set of 12 Studio Quality Brushes
Powder brush
Blush brush
Foundation brush
Eyeshadow brush
Smudge brush
Fan brush
Concealer brush
Eyebrow blush
Eyeliner blush
Sponge applicator
Lip brush
Spoolie brush

One thing I did find out about these brushes was if you need to clean them, use warm water and shampoo, rinse and then pat dry.  If you clean them this way, your brushes will last a long time.

For the first time user, there is a guide to what each brush is used for.  Each brush is so soft and will make your makeup application enjoyable.  I think you will really love this set.  I will be buying some for Christmas gifts.

If you would like to purchase this professional 12 Set Makeup Brush Kits, click here.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinions.