Monday, April 13, 2015

Cooking Thermometer by Chef Remi

My family is all about the grill when it comes to dinner or lunch.  When it's not all about the grill, we have an old refrigerator that was converted into a smoker.  We also do a good bit of entertaining on the holidays so having a digital thermometer to assure us that our food has reached the optimal temperature is a necessity.  Let me first address the way the thermometer is presented.

Every time we need a thermometer for the BBQ, it's almost always forgotten outside. There really isn't a safe place we can put it so it gets tossed aside and we don't pay it much attention until it comes time for the next occasion to use it.  By then, it's been rained on, dropped or whatever else can happen to it, happens. This cool little digital thermometer has a sleek design and comes with a tube that you can place your thermometer in and hang on the wall.  I keep mine above the stove so it's never lost.  If it's not on the hook, you better believe I'll be finding out why.

This thermometer is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.  Indoor, I especially use it when I'm cooking poultry or pork.  It's always been a fear of mine that it will be undercooked and we will get sick.  So I do what every good cook does and I overcook it. :)  That is until I got the thermometer from Chef Remi.  Now it's always perfectly cooked.  Here is a great site I use to find out what temperature I must cook what.

You'll love the fact that Chef Remi's digital cooking thermometer comes with a battery, instructions and a lifetime 100% money back warranty. You can't beat that!  I really do think you will love this thermometer as much as I do!

I received this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.

If you would like to purchase Chef Remi's Digital Cooking Thermometer, click here.