Thursday, April 2, 2015

Exfolimate Kit by Exfolimate

I really like this product as an exfoliator.  I've seen mitts and loofahs but I've never really seen a tool like the one above.  It's really very simple.  It doesn't wear out like a loofah or a mitt.  It's really a genius and simple idea.  On the end of the the plastic part, is a metal tip.  It's not like a blade but it does help to open the pores. You can use it on pretty much any body part to exfoliate.  I used it at first to exfoliate my face.  As I'm aging, I'm noticing that my skin is thinning.  I was scared to press down with any amount of pressure in case it left a rash. It didn't.  It was really very gentle and after I exfoliated, I put on my toner, moisturizer and finally my make up.  My skin looked very smooth and young.  It really did help with my fine lines. 

The Exfolimate helps to reduce the visible signs of aging, leaves your skin silky smooth the natural way, it has a surgical grade stainless steel edge and is safe for any skin types, even sensitive skin.  I loved how it came with two different sizes of the Exfolimate.  The smaller one is for your face while the larger is for your legs and arms.  My step son refused to put on sunscreen at the races.  The next few days he spent regretting that decision.  I gave him the larger exfolimate to help with the skin that was peeling.  At first he tried getting rid of the peeling skin while using it on dry skin.  I told him it was meant to work on wet skin, in the shower.  He said at first it didn't work but I think he didn't use it right so I showed him again how to use it.  This time he came to me and said it worked really well at getting most of the peeling skin off.  I've used this Exfolimate each day so far.  I love these things.  I know you will too.
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I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.