Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM by Vitavana

I have random knee pain now and I again and I haven't figured out yet what causes it.  My mother is the same way but I know hers is because she is constantly on her feet.  I know I'm on my feet a lot but I am in my forties, this shouldn't be happening to me. Anyway, I took a few of these glucosamine supplements and they worked so well I gave them to my mom.  She said her knee pain is all but gone now.  Of course she can still feel the pain on days when she's on her feet for longer than normal periods of time but it hurts far less than it used to.

One thing that blew my mind was that the directions say to take 5 pills a day.  Yes, that wasn't a typo, I did say FIVE pills a day. That's not to say you take five all at one time time, it's five throughout the day.  Even though the directions said to take 5, both  my mom and I only take one per day and have seen great results.  So even though it may say it works at the optimal level with five pills, we both saw it working just as well with us with just one pill once a day.

My physical therapist swears by Glucosamine for added flexibility and to lessen the pain that is associated with over worked joints. Since my physical therapist recommended it, I know it's something that my body needs. I can now go to physical therapy for my lower back and it doesn't hurt as bad. I know they say it's good for the joints, but I did see a big change in the amount of pain I felt in my back.  I get shots and physical therapy.  I usually live on Ibuprofen which isn't good but since taking this Glucosamine supplement, I've found I don't need to take as many ibuprofen pills.

So bottom line, in my opinion I think you should give this supplement a try.  I do believe you will be shocked at how well they work for you.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.
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