Monday, April 13, 2015

Pedi.Cure Electric Callous Remover by Pedi.Cure Solutions *** GIVEAWAY ***

I'm the type of person who runs around barefoot.  And while almost anywhere else that would be alright, in a hot, dry climate and walking on concrete, my feet get very dry.  I hate the feel of my feet when they are so dry. I'm always putting a thick lotion on my feet at night and put socks on while praying this time will be the time I can wake up to soft feet.

Well, I was really excited to receive the Pedi.Cure.  First, it's PINK!  A fun bright pink.  At first, I put generic batteries in it and started using it by pressing down hard on my feet.  And it would quit working. What I failed to do, was to read the instructions first. What you are supposed to do is press gently as it files away the dry skin a layer at a time.  Once I started doing it right, it was phenomenal how well it worked.  Oh, and I also upgraded to rechargeable batteries.

I suggest you use this on a towel as there will be dry skin on any surface under your feet.  It's more like a dust. I know, that's not one of the things a lot of people really don't like to talk about but think how our nail salons feel when they do our pedicures.  The Pedi.Cure, really does leave your feet feeling soft and sandal ready just in time for summer.

And now for the fun part!  Pedi.Cures has agreed to give ONE of my readers their very own Pedi.Cure.  Comment on this post or on the post on this blog's facebook page and you're in it to win it! So get to commenting because this contest is over on April 20th, 2015.  Good luck and ENJOY!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.
If you would like to purchase this Electric Callous Remover by Pedi.Cure Solutions, click here.