Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ice Cream Scoop by SUMO Kitchenware

Get ready to throw that assortment of ice cream scoops in your drawer away because once you try this ice cream scoop by SUMO Kitchenware, it will be the only one you'll want to use from here on out.  I know, for me anyway, the reason I have so many ice cream scoops is because the plastic ones break, the ones with the trigger on them get stuck or just don't get all of the ice cream out of the scoop, they're either too big or too small.  The one thing every one of them has in common is that they aren't solid enough and can't scoop out extremely hard ice cream.

Then I tried the SUMO ice cream scoop.  Upon first picking it up, I was impressed with how heavy it was. I also want to address a couple of things about the weight a little bit later on. It has a silicone grip that is BPA free and is very comfortable. Saying this ice cream scoop is sturdy and indestructible is a very true statement.  This ice cream scoop is also dishwasher safe.  I personally don't put it in the dishwasher because I don't want the handle of my scoop getting that white dish detergent look to it.   I don't know if I explained it right or not but it has happened to other things that have silicone on it.  I do need to add that my dishwasher is very old. 

Now back to the weight issue.  It weighs around 8 ounces.  When compared to other scoops, that's on the heavy side.  My uncle has a hard time with heavier objects that require him using his wrists.  I have no doubt that he could use this ice cream scoop without any problems at all.  The tip of the scoop is cylindrical so it can essentially cut through the ice cream.  It's not sharp like a knife but lets you get into the ice cream without putting strain on your wrists.  Even a five year old could scoop the ice cream out of the tub with ease. The SUMO ice cream scoop also comes with a lifetime guarantee. They don't mean the life of the scoop, they mean YOUR lifetime. There are very few products made today that can say that.

Without a doubt, I highly recommend this ice cream scoop to you.  It is a quality kitchen utensil that you can't live without. It has that old ice cream parlor feel to it. I know you will love it!

I received this item in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.
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