Thursday, April 2, 2015

Extra Virgin Organic Argan Oil by ISA Professional

The results of this Argan Oil was surprisingly phenomenal.  I couldn't believe the how shiny and repaired my hair looked.  My step son's girlfriend had recommended I try some Argan Oil when I asked what I could use in my granddaughter's hair.  She is half African American and half caucasian. Her hair looked really dried out and my daughter was trying everything with no success.  I told her about the Argan Oil and that it was recommended so she said she would try it.  It worked very well in my granddaughter's hair and in mine as well.  I color treat my hair as well as blow dry it, straighten it with a hair straightener and even a curling iron from time to time.  So between all of that, I need something to put the shine back in my hair and to repair some of the damage I've done to my hair.

The Extra Virgin Organic Argan Oil is 100% organic. It is cold pressed to preserve the natural vitamins in this product. It is good for not only bring shine back to my hair but it is also good for my skin.  It serves as a moisturizer.  It doesn't feel greasy and it is absorbed fairly quickly into my skin.  It leaves my skin feeling hydrated, healthy and moisturized. I loved that this product is made in small batches to assure freshness  as it is a Fair Trade product.

Since I found out it was good for skin, I thought about putting it on my feet to help my calloused feet.  I applied the Argan Oil to my feet (a pretty generous amount) and then put socks on overnight.  In the morning, not only were my feet smooth and soft to the touch, but they looked amazing.  They weren't all greasy.  I also liked even though I put the oil on overnight, it didn't wash right off when I took a shower.  The hot water actually worked well with the Argan oil.  My skin now not only looks healthy, it IS healthy.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.